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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Myths and legends – cloud myths #1

Would-be myth busters

Initially, setting the scene, these ‘axe grinders’ will indicate that the starting price for basic, on-demand instances within Amazon’s EC2, for example, is less than 10¢ per hour, based on metrics like system size, operating system, etc. Such companies usually conclude their introduction by suggesting that it’s easy to see why people think all delivery from the public cloud is cheaper than that delivered by internal IT.

It’s no surprise that the punch line comes next, when a ‘myth buster’ will typically state, with a leading ‘However’, that if you probe further, the picture will change. The changed picture presented is painted thus: for resources that are needed constantly, the private cloud is more cost-efficient than the pay-as-you-use public cloud model. Continue reading

The evolutional path of media processing systems

From hardware based….to software based….to cloud based

Early pioneers in the market initially known as computer telephony took a look at the typical office workstation and decided that efficiencies could be achieved by integrating the two pieces of electronics typically found on workers desks – the telephone and the personal computer. They started with a computer platform, and added a hardware board to it so that the integrated computer system could make and receive phone calls. Continue reading