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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Why is fax still in demand?

You might think that with the popularity and maturity of email and other modes of electronic communication (including good old voice) that the use of fax would all be but extinct.  But fax is still very much alive in the present.  We may not find ourselves personally sending faxes everyday, indeed many of us may not have a fax number on our business cards any longer, but there are still a number of niche applications for fax that will see it with us for quite a few years to come.  So where is the market opportunity for faxing? Continue reading

Where are the Cloud Media Servers?

Where are the Cloud Media Servers

Media servers are really useful things as Unwieldy Systems Inc. will tell you, but you already knew that, right. If you’re a telecommunication service provider, an equipment manufacturer, a solution developer or even an enterprise customer, you are likely to have a need for a media server and may well be using one, or two or several, somewhere in your network or infrastructure.

In a traditional telephony environment, media servers are used for functions such as network announcements and voicemail; interactive voice response (in many, diverse scenarios); the IMS Media Resource Function; audio conferencing; caller ring tones; and transcoding. Continue reading

HOW TO: Optimizing Aculab Cloud Platform Usage in Outbound Dialling

How to optimize your outbound telephony application using Aculab Cloud

Aculab Cloud provides you with the means to make outbound calls for just about any purpose. Using Aculab Cloud’s simple, high-level APIs to launch outbound calls, numbers can be manually or automatically dialled, and what happens during and after call set-up can be controlled by the application. For example, an answering machine can be detected, using what’s called call progress analysis, whereupon the system will wait for the tone or ‘beep’, before playing a message or otherwise interacting with the called party’s device. Continue reading