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Monthly Archives: June 2012

An inspiring use of cloud telephony

We were very pleased to report this week that Aculab Cloud is being used to aid the development of a quick and cost effective method of objectively scoring the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, through the detection of changes in the voice.

Max Little, who leads the Parkinson Voice Initiative, realised that a person’s voice is affected as much by Parkinson’s as is limb movement, so he devised a high-accuracy way to detect symptoms through the analysis of voice recordings.  A method of detecting Parkinson’s disease that is quick, cheap and easy to perform.

With so many people affected by Parkinson’s, it’s likely we all know someone who could benefit from the results of this project. The analysis itself requires quite complex algorithms, but capturing the voice clips for analysis is a very simple and quick process. Using Aculab Cloud, The Parkinson’s Voice Initiative application plays a number of pre-recorded questions and exercises for the caller to complete.  In turn, these responses are recorded and stored. It takes on average 3 minutes for the caller to complete the survey.

The Parkinson’s Voice Initiative aims to record 10,000 voices across the world – and needs voices of both healthy and Parkinson’s patients. The Initiative has already achieved an outstanding 20% of this goal with the help of Aculab Cloud. If you are interested in participating please call UK 01865 521168 or US 857 284 8035 to take part or view for further numbers and information.

Cloud telephony – making speech technologies affordable

Having previously discovered in this blog the many benefits that cloud computing and indeed cloud telephony can bring, you may be wondering about the opportunities that cloud presents. What can cloud telephony enable you to do that previously hasn’t been economically viable for both enterprises and SMBs? This post touches on a particular area into which cloud telephony is set to breathe new life. It will focus on the impact a cloud telephony approach can have on the uptake of premium tools/resources, such as speech recognition and synthetic speech, to the benefit of businesses, both large and small. Continue reading