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Cloud Telephony

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UK voice and SMS rate reductions

Like the idea of using a cloud communications platform, but are not so sure about using a US-located cloud for time-sensitive communications?


Want to have competitive rates from day one?

Aculab Cloud may be just what you’ve been looking for.


RELIABLE We’re a well established UK company, with a pay-as-you-go cloud platform for two-way voice, SMS and fax
LOCAL We run a European cloud for our European customers so call latency is kept to a minimum
COST-EFFECTIVE We have just reduced our prices for both voice calls and SMS to mobiles, so we’re now one of the most competitive in the market across the board
EASY Its an easy to use platform using high-level languages, but we have a highly qualified technical team to support you with your development if you need us


Time to give us a try…..

We already had very competitive rates for inbound calls and calls to fixed lines, now we’ve made calls to mobiles and outbound SMS cheaper. So whatever your requirement, we can offer market leading pricepoints.

UK price summary Old price New Price Saving Price in GBP
Outbound voice call, to fixed line  1.4c/min  1.4c/min 1.1p/min
Outbound voice call, to mobile 2.7c/min 2.2c/min 25% 1.7p/min
Inbound voice call 1c/min 1c/min 0.8p/min
Outbound SMS 5c/message 4c/message 20% 3.2p/message
Inbound SMS 1.2c/message 1.2c/message 1p/message

(All platform costs are billed in US cents, UK £ prices above given for your convenience. Contact us for large volume pricing).

And if you need to call or send SMS worldwide, we can cover that for you on the same platform with our global carrier relationships. Detailed pricing here.


Aculab Cloud for healthcare applications

Aculab Cloud, our communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS), has been received well by developer customers who serve the healthcare market. With its high-level APIs and pay for what you use approach, it provides a simple, cost-effective means to send and receive voice, fax and SMS messages.


Specific healthcare related applications supported:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Post-visit surveys
  • No-show callbacks
  • Notifications to patients on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis:
    • Reminders to patients to take prescribed medicines
    • Annual health check reminders
    • Announcements of e.g., a flu jab service running at a particular practice

In addition, our cloud platform has a key advantage in that it supports the sending and receiving of fax transmissions, which are still heavily used to securely transfer medical records.

Speech recognition

A new feature we’ve been working on for a while is speech recognition. We have already made this feature available to complement the IVR functionality we support, enabling a voice-driven IVR to be built.

In addition, the use of voice and speech recognition in a clinical environment is something we are working on. We believe our telephone-based system to collect data from patients with speech disorders could revolutionise the way speech and language therapists work. If you would like to find out more, the clinical speech analysis system page gives the details.

Cloud-based speech recognition

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are widely used to provide automated call handling for businesses. But sometimes for the caller, remembering which digit to press to connect to a certain department is not so straightforward, and can be time consuming. In addition, with the prevalence of smartphones, it can be somewhat annoying to have to listen to the prompts, then bring up the numeric keypad display on the phone before you can enter your digit choice. Wouldn’t it be simpler if the caller could just speak the name of the department they required or speak the digits of a PIN code? Well, they can, using automated speech recognition technology, ASR.

Aculab have now brought speech recognition capabilities to the Aculab Cloud platform, which will allow developers to quickly build a speech-enabled IVR in a wide variety of programming languages. This new speech recognition feature currently has a vocabulary that would meet the needs of customers wishing to offer a speech-based replacement for the DTMF keypad on phones, and would allow the recognition of numeric digits and any word in multiple languages in the long term, but will initially roll out with English recognition only.

Application areas:

  • Recognition of department names
  • PIN number recognition
  • Last 4 digits of SSN
  • Staff names
  • Financial transaction types – Balance, Savings, Loan, BPAY
  • Town/City recognition – e.g. cinema times for your local town

If you would like to try the new feature, it is now live. You can find out more on the ASR page of the Aculab Cloud portal.

Number rental – worldwide price reductions

Due to the continued success of the Aculab Cloud platform, we have been able to negotiate better deals with our inbound and outbound providers. As a result, and to follow on from the previously announced outbound PSTN call cost reductions, we can now offer you number rentals starting at $1 per number per month (previously $3). Continue reading

Toll free number capability in 40 countries

Did you know that Aculab Cloud has the ability to support toll free numbers in forty countries worldwide?

That’s pretty extensive for a cloud telecom API platform, some of which only support a handful of countries. So if you have an application that would benefit your customers by having toll free inbound calling capability, and you need to roll it out across Europe, the US or Asia, then keep reading.

Continue reading

Write telephony applications quickly and easily with our REST API










If you know your way around writing code for websites, then you’ll have no trouble in getting to know our REST API. We currently offer a range of telephony functionalities, including placing and answering voice calls, playing and recording audio, speaking with text-to-speech, capturing telephone keypad entry, menus and conference calls. Continue reading

How to deploy telephony resources with WebRTC

In our last post, we took a look at how WebRTC might be embraced by the broad telecoms industry. This time, we’ll explore how telephony resources can be advantageously deployed in conjunction with WebRTC. Continue reading

WebRTC Rocks! – part 2

In our last post, we introduced WebRTC and indicated that we have been actively working on its integration – hence our demo.

We also suggested you tuned in for more information about WebRTC and how it might be embraced by the telecoms industry. Well as the Bard (nearly) wrote, “Read on Macduff!” Continue reading

WebRTC rocks!

#WebRTC is a phrase that’s been trending for some time now and the interest level isn’t going to quieten down anytime soon; that’s a fact. In terms of its potential, it’s as if a wave of rock ‘n’ roll is about to hit the telecom industry.

Roll over Cumbersome, WebRTC is going to rock your foundation! Continue reading

A simple application

This animation shows how a simple application works on the Aculab Cloud platform

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