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A simple application

This animation shows how a simple application works on the Aculab Cloud platform

How Aculab Cloud works in 2 minutes

Watch this short animation to find out Aculab Cloud works and some of the ways it can be used


HOW TO: Optimizing Aculab Cloud Platform Usage in Outbound Dialling

How to optimize your outbound telephony application using Aculab Cloud

Aculab Cloud provides you with the means to make outbound calls for just about any purpose. Using Aculab Cloud’s simple, high-level APIs to launch outbound calls, numbers can be manually or automatically dialled, and what happens during and after call set-up can be controlled by the application. For example, an answering machine can be detected, using what’s called call progress analysis, whereupon the system will wait for the tone or ‘beep’, before playing a message or otherwise interacting with the called party’s device. Continue reading

What do you need to run a cloud-based telephony application?

What you need to run a cloud-based telephony application:
The difference between traditional hardware-based and
cloud-based deployments

Ok, you’re sold on the benefits of cloud computing. You understand it means you can take advantage of computing resources that are owned and managed by someone else. That’s great!  But you want to know what that means in relation to telecommunications, if you need any additional hardware or software, who takes care of the PSTN connection, how you can access the telephony resources in the cloud, how does it compare to the traditional deployment options. In short, you want to know what you need to know, in order to be able to develop and deploy your telephony-based application, whether it’s an IVR, voice-broadcast or conferencing system.  This post intends to answer your questions. Continue reading

2: Introduction to Cloud Telephony – What is a Cloud Telephony PaaS?

If you are intrigued by Cloud Telephony, you might be asking yourself a number of questions. Those questions are likely to include: “What is meant by a Telephony Platform as a Service (PaaS)?” “Is it for me?” “When and why would I use a Telephony PaaS?” “What are the Telephony PaaS options?” Read on for some answers…

In summary, a PaaS could be a server system or it could be a computer language interpreter that enables bespoke applications to be written and deployed.  The main benefit being that you can access ‘tools’ to help write and deploy an application, based on technology owned and managed by someone else. Continue reading

Chapter 1: What you need to know about cloud computing – Iaas, Paas, SaaS

What’s inside a cloud?

Imagine you could easily pick out, which cloud telephony vendors you needed to speak to according to your hardware or software requirements, simply because you understood how the cloud was structured and the prime benefit each part presented.

It’s not impossible…

A previous blog gave a brief definition of cloud computing.  The next question to tackle is “What actually makes up the cloud”.  Once you have an understanding of cloud structure, it will be far easier for you to absorb, which cloud telephony players you need to talk to in order to replace different ‘in-house’ or ‘on-premise’ systems and equipment.  Continue reading

Introduction to cloud telephony: Part 1 – What is cloud telephony?

Google ‘cloud telephony’ and your search is likely to return a whole raft of products, definitions and services that aren’t altogether similar – services you can buy or build, hosted applications, cloud communications, VoIP. The list is long and varied, but what does it really mean?  How can you tell a cloud service from any other telephony service?

Inspired by an Infoworld article, Five big questions about cloud computing, the following five key points define a true cloud telephony service. These ‘checklist’ items apply to all forms of telephony-based applications, such as IVR systems, contact centre platforms and PBXs. Continue reading

Chapter 1: What you need to know about cloud computing – What is cloud computing?

On a clear day, I can see for miles

If cloud telephony has caught your attention you might be asking “What exactly is cloud telephony?” or “Why should I opt for cloud telephony?” and crucially, perhaps, “Why should I care?”

These are all good questions (to be addressed in later blogs), but first a more fundamental question must be answered – what is cloud computing? Because understanding the broad concept will help you absorb the essentials of cloud telephony and the benefits it can bring to you. Continue reading

Aculab Cloud


A snippet from Alan Pound’s keynote given today at the IT Expo show in Miami showing the architecture of our new concept, Aculab Cloud. The video recording of the keynote presentation will be uploaded shortly.