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G.729 media codec now available for Aculab Cloud

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer the G.729 codec for use with our UAS APIs to customers who have a requirement for it.

The default codec for the Aculab Cloud platform is G.711, which uses 64kbit/s upstream/downstream rates to transmit the voice signals to/from the end user. G.711 is the default codec for the PSTN, and also for SIP-based phone systems. There are, however, tens if not hundreds of other voice codecs in existence, and G.729 is just one of them.

G.729 uses a higher compression ratio than G.711, using by default an 8kbit/s upstream/downstream transmission rate to convey the voice signal. Going back a few years, when internet bandwidths to businesses were more limited than today, it was important to use highly compressed voice signals to maximise the usage of the low rate links. Nowadays, these bandwidth restrictions have been alleviated, so in the majority of cases, there is no reason to select any other voice codec than G.711. But if you need it – we have it! Just let us know and we’ll sort it for you.

The G.729 codec was added following a request from an existing customer. We are always interested to hear your feedback on what features you would like to see supported on the platform. Get in touch if you have an idea