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Number rental – worldwide price reductions

Due to the continued success of the Aculab Cloud platform, we have been able to negotiate better deals with our inbound and outbound providers. As a result, and to follow on from the previously announced outbound PSTN call cost reductions, we can now offer you number rentals starting at $1 per number per month (previously $3).

cloud pricing number rental - US

Aculab Cloud number rental pricing example – US

















The pricing pages have been changed to show prices for calls, number rentals and SMS messages all in one place. You can see the relevant pricing by clicking on the appropriate tab.

For most of Europe, and for the US and Canada, our number rental prices are now $1 per number per month. The new ‘mobile’ number type is also priced at $1 per number per month.

Full details for all countries can be found via the pricing page. There is also a summary of number pricing on the inbound coverage page.

This revised pricing for both existing and new numbers is effective from April 1st 2015.