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SMS now available in New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand


We can offer SMS short codes in New Zealand that have direct connection to the New Zealand mobile operators for use with your Aculab cloud application. Our SMS gateway supports one way or two way traffic, for bulk outbound (MT) messaging and applications where return path to receive messages from your customers (MO) is required.



Australia-flagWe can provide both long code SMS numbers and short code SMS numbers in Australia. We can provide bronze/silver/gold long codes (10 digit) and  6 or 8 digit shortcodes.

  • Bronze long number – randomly assigned
  • Silver long number – contains some degree of single or multiple digit repetition
  • Gold long number – contains high degree of single or multiple digit repetition

New Zealand and Australia are just the latest countries where we have rolled out SMS support, but we are continually working to add further countries and we can adjust our priorities if you have an urgent need.

If you are interested in receiving further details of New Zealand, Australia, or another country we don’t list as supported yet, then please get in touch using this simple form.