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SpeechTEK conference schedule application

Aculab is pleased to be a sponsor of SpeechTEK 2012 this week.  For the event, we decided to provide a little more than just a product demo, so we created an application that conference delegates would find very useful – an automated conference schedule.

The app took just a few hours to develop and incorporates the fundamentals of any IVR system, including the use of TTS.

Below is the call flow and some code snippets from the application.

SpeechTEK conference schedule – call flow

Application code snippets

1. Make the call ring, get the schedule from the database and answer the call.

2. Ask the user what they’d like to do and get their response.

3. If they hit the star key, ask for the day, then the time, otherwise assume today.

4. Handle the time (default is now), look up and play the events.

We think it’s pretty cool and so did many of the SpeechTek conference delegates.

Look out for more posts on Aculab Cloud – the smarter cloud telephony platform.  If you are planning on creating your own IVR solution get in touch!